Supporting Your IT Environment

Infrastructure Support Services, Preventive Maintenance

Our consultants can provide pre-scheduled, on-site or remote maintenance services to augment your data center’s existing IT staff. This service enables you to off-load the management of highly technical or less prevalent specialty applications.


Bypasses the need to hire a full-time staff member to manage specialty software or duties
Reduces training expenses
Helps lower labor costs
Provide comprehensive system health checks
Increases flexibility and convenience
Streamlines IT efficiency
Reduces dependence on a single IT staff member, which lessens vulnerability associated with turnover

Emergency Response Support

Our systems engineers will provide contractual technical support on an emergency basis—up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week—depending on the nature and urgency of your business need.


Serves as a virtual extension to your staff and data center
Ensures continuity of your IT solutions
Increases budget flexibility with costs based on business requirements
Provides the option of pre-paid time blocks
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Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation Excellence

Founded in 1990, All Solution has been helping guide our customers through every major technology advancement throughout the first quarter century of the Digital era. Through these inimitable relationships we are pioneering a new era of efficiency and innovation as we escort our troops through the latest frontiers.

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